Brexit is distracting parliament from the controversial use of facial recognition

The UK is experimenting with facial recognition but parliament is too distracted to care

MaBi   13 March 2019 - 12:59   categories: UK, Politics, Policing, State surveillance   tags: Investigatory Powers Tribunal, Investigatory Powers Commissioner, Investigatory Powers Act, Home Office, Facial recognition

Mass surveillance trials using facial recognition are underway in the UK with very little debate as parliament is distracted by Brexit.

"There has been a complete failure of politicians to engage with the issue. The Home Office hasn’t sought to consult parliament. They didn’t seek to consult human rights experts, wider civil society, NGOs, but rather steamed ahead and have plundered millions of pounds into what is clearly really a controversial new form of surveillance." – Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch UK looks the other way on AI