Christmas shoppers used to test facial recognition tech slammed as inaccurate

Met Police using controversial facial recognition technology in London’s Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Soho

MiDe   13 December 2018 - 19:06   categories: UK, State surveillance   tags: Facial recognition

The Metropolitan Police is using unmarked vans to scan Christmas shoppers to compare them against a database of “people of interest”. A Freedom of Information request by campaign group Big Brother Watch had shown earlier this year that the controversial technology had a false positive rate of 98%.

"The police's use of this authoritarian surveillance tool in total absence of a legal or democratic basis is alarming. Live facial recognition is a form of mass surveillance that, if allowed to continue, will turn members of the public into walking ID cards." – Silkie Carlo, Big Brother Watch

The Register: Who's watching you from an unmarked van while you shop in London? Cops with facial recog tech