European regulators have data brokers in their sights

Cambridge Analytica scandal and introduction of GDPR have put shadowy industry in the spotlight

MiDe   9 January 2019 - 19:27   categories: EU, UK, Corporate surveillance   tags: GDPR, Facebook, Google, Cambridge Analytica

Various European regulators are looking more closely into the activities of data brokers, spurred on by the Cambridge Analytica scandal and armed with the GDPR.

"The large platform giants, Google, Facebook and a few others — they are the major nodes in today’s personal data economy. At the same time there is a kind of distributed surveillance economy . . . [that is] also collaborating with each other and large old-school data brokers like Acxiom.” – Wolfie Christl, Cracked Labs

Financial Times: Data brokers: regulators try to rein in the ‘privacy deathstars’