Google has stopped challenging US warrants for data on foreign servers

Data giant seems to cave in to Trump’s attempts to apply US law globally. European Gmail accounts could now be opened using US warrants

MaBi   16 September 2017 - 13:34   categories: Global, Legal   tags: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo

For a number of years American tech giants such as Google and Microsoft have been challenging US warrants for data that resides on their servers abroad. Usually citing that data held in a foreign jurisdiction should be requested using that jurisdiction’s procedures. Microsoft is engaged in a battle about data in a Hotmail account residing in Ireland that Microsoft argues should be accessed using an Irish warrant.

While Microsoft, Yahoo and Google used to be aligned on these matters, it now appears that Google has quietly thrown in the towel.

"Google has reversed its previous stance and informed the government that it will comply with new Section 2703 warrants outside the 2nd Circuit (while suggesting that it will appeal the adverse decisions in one or more existing cases). Consequently, the government's ability to use Section 2703 warrants to obtain communications stored abroad—which may contain evidence critical to criminal or national-security investigations—now varies depending on the jurisdiction and the identity of the provider." - US Justice Department

Ars Technica: Google stops challenging most US warrants for data on overseas servers