Head of London’s Metropolitan Police calls criticism of highly inacurate facial recognition "highly inacurate"

Cressida Dick ignoring independent report that found facial recognition only worked in 19% of the cases and has a 91% false positive rate

MiDe   25 February 2020 - 10:55   categories: UK, Tech, Policing, Corporate surveillance   tags: Home Office, Facial recognition

Met police commisioner Cressida Dick came under fire from critics of facial recognition after she branded them "highly inaccurate and highly ill-informed".

“It’s unhelpful for the Met to reduce a serious debate on facial recognition to unfounded accusations of ‘fake news’,” tweeted Big Brother Watch. “Dick would do better to acknowledge and engage with the real, serious concerns - including those in the damning independent report that she ignored.”

Liberty responded similarly: “Fact: Met started using facial recognition after ignoring its own review of two-year trial that said its use of the tech didn't respect human rights. Another fact: scaremongering and deriding criticisms instead of engaging shows how flimsy their basis for using it really is.”

The Register: London's top cop dismisses 'highly inaccurate or ill informed' facial-recognition critics, possibly ironically