Bruce Schneier on internet privacy

Cyber security expert Bruce Schneier is interviewed by the Harvard Gazette on internet privacy and government and corporate surveillance

MiDe   26 August 2017 - 21:38   categories: Tech, Politics, Policy   tags: RIPA, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Whatsapp, Telegram

Bruce Schneier spoke to the Gazette about what consumers can do to protect themselves from government and corporate surveillance.

SCHNEIER: Europe has more stringent privacy regulations than the United States. In general, Americans tend to mistrust government and trust corporations. Europeans tend to trust government and mistrust corporations. The result is that there are more controls over government surveillance in the U.S. than in Europe. On the other hand, Europe constrains its corporations to a much greater degree than the U.S. does. U.S. law has a hands-off way of treating internet companies. Computerized systems, for example, are exempt from many normal product-liability laws. This was originally done out of the fear of stifling innovation.

Harvard Gazette: On internet privacy, be very afraid