Privacy campaigner Max Schrems files GDPR complaints against Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and others

Campaigner uses privacy and digital rights organisation NOYB to file complaints

MiDe   18 January 2019 - 20:16   categories: EU, Legal   tags: GDPR, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Services

European privacy and digital rights campaigner Max Schrems has filed a total of ten GDPR complaints against eight companies: Amazon, Apple, DAZN, Flimmit, Netflix, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube.

The Austrian lawyer and privacy activist has used his non-profit privacy and digital rights organisation, NOYB – European Center for Digital Rights, to file the complaints with the Austrian Data Protection Authority.

The filing follows an investigation by noyb into the compliance of companies with GDPR-mandated access requests. Access requests allow users of a service to view the data a service holds on them.

“Many services set up automated systems to respond to access requests, but they often don’t even remotely provide the data that every user has a right to. In most cases, users only got the raw data, but, for example, no information about who this data was shared with. This leads to structural violation of users’ rights, as these systems are built to withhold the relevant information.” – Max Schrems, NOYB

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