‘We are introducing corporate surveillance into our homes and we don’t care’

Gizmodo UK opinion piece covers how we voluntarily buy devices that reduce our privacy

MiDe   18 January 2019 - 21:45   categories: Global, Tech, Corporate surveillance   tags: Google, Microsoft, Amazon

“AI assistants are the current trend and they are – coincidentally – the worst offenders to date. We pay up to hundreds of pounds to place a device in our homes that is always listening and that can be used to answer trivial questions, play music or provide other superficial services that are readily available elsewhere. Oh, and order more stuff for us, of course. Can’t forget that.”


“We delude ourselves that we are in control of the technologies we bring into our lives. We’re not. Not by a longshot. I lost the capability to control my technology when I upgraded my old 486 PC. At least I’m aware of that. You too, reader, should know your limits. Your privacy is precious. Have a care.” – James Bagshawe

Gizmodo UK: Alexa, Violate My Privacy